At the Economic Development Association of Alabama Winter Conference, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey celebrated the state’s recent economic development success and job growth. She highlighted major industrial development victories like the $1.6 billion Toyota Mazda plant and its 4,000 jobs announced for Huntsville, and the $1 billion Mercedes-Benz expansion in the state.

Since Ivey took office last year, the state has announced $5 billion in new capital investment and 12,000 new jobs from economic development projects. As a result, Alabama’s premier worker training program, AIDT, is filling those jobs, covering between 100 and 110 projects at any given time.

AIDT is a huge resource and draw for new businesses in Alabama. They give new businesses individual attention and benefits, such as pre-employment selection and training, leadership development, on-the-job training, and assessments.

“When I meet with global CEOs, whether it’s at the Paris Air Show or otherwise, there seems to be a common theme that they share with me when you let them talk about what their experience is like doing business at their facility in Alabama,” Ivey said. “And their theme is: We’re successful in Alabama because of the quality and productivity of our employees.”

AIDT is just one reason companies choose Alabama to locate their business. Alabama sits at the heart of the fastest-growing region in the U.S., and the state has the logistics infrastructure to help the region keep growing. Alabama’s transportation infrastructure allows worldwide connectivity: six interstate highways, 3,700 miles of railroad tracks, 92 airports, 1,300 miles of commercially navigable waterways, and a deep-water seaport that is one of the nation’s busiest. The Port of Mobile moves around 54 million tons of cargo per year, while Mobile serves the country’s only plant for Airbus jets and is home to over 25 chemical companies.

When you pair location, workforce and the tax incentives Alabama offers, it’s easy to see why big-name companies are making a home in the state.