By Jack Bonnikson
Alabama NewsCenter

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges for communities across Alabama. Despite the immense difficulties felt by many, these adverse circumstances have inspired creativity and goodwill initiatives that showcase the resiliency of the state.

Alabama Power and Southern Company recognized one need and found a solution – one you can put in spray bottles. With a disinfectant shortage statewide, Alabama Power and its sister utilities have followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and developed disinfectant solution to provide to front-line workers. The guidance is being used by the Alabama Power General Test Lab and the Georgia Power Environmental Lab to create 1:10 bleach/water solution for use by field employees.

“Providing disinfectant helps ensure the safety of our teams and our operations,” said Marvin Burrell, Alabama Power Environmental Affairs supervisor. “Delivering these important safety materials and supplies in a time of need is another way we are protecting our employees in the communities we serve.”

Disinfectant created at Alabama Power’s General Testing Lab. (Alabama NewsCenter)

From strategic planning in recent months, Alabama Power identified that disruptions in the supply chain could create a shortage of personal protective equipment as well as disinfectant wipes and solution. This inspired a plan to find ways to get disinfectant into the hands of those who need it most. Southern Company’s Safety and Health and Supply Chain Management teams were able to procure the necessary materials and facilitated distribution of the spray bottles.

The Alabama Power General Test Lab has filled and shipped over 1,000 spray bottles and is ready to ship more than 500 1-gallon containers of disinfectant.

The lab has used a ChemStation to develop the solution and efficiently provide it to company employees systemwide. This equipment helped mitigate shortages and helps Alabama Power teams stay safe and compliant.

“I am proud of the creativity of our lab and their teamwork to identify, and address, a need that helps our teams stay ‘Safety First,’” said Anthony Marino, Alabama Power Environmental Affairs general manager. “This program will keep our employees safe in the field and ready to respond to our customers.”

This story originally appeared on the Alabama NewsCenter website