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The information technology industry is expanding across the country, and Alabama has dialed into that progress. The state’s IT companies generate almost $1 billion annually and employ tens of thousands. As other notable Alabama industries such as automotive, aerospace and life sciences continue to develop, so will the need for cutting-edge technology. The minds trained to create those solutions are right here in Alabama.

More than merely a support system, information technology serves as a major stand-alone sector of Alabama’s economy. The Alabama IT sector employs over 15,000 Alabamians and generates greater than $1 billion in annual revenue across industries like banking and finance, government, education, consumer products, GIS and utilities.

Birmingham-based BBVA Compass has contributed to this development by commencing a $400 million computer systems upgrade, requiring some 650 people and 2 million man hours to accomplish. Others, like business incubator Innovation Depot, seek to bolster this division’s economic strength by nurturing emerging biotechnology, information technology and service startups.

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