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Alabama Chemical Growth Initiative

Historically, the Gulf Coast has been a big supporter of the chemical industry, attracting leading companies such as Olin, SABIC, BASF and Evonik to come and build their business. It shows no signs of slowing down – particularly in Alabama.

Introducing MAST

A 60-mile stretch through the Mobile area including McIntosh, Axis, Saraland and Theodore, the MAST Gulf Coast Chemical Corridor is an established area for development of Alabama’s chemical industry.

Current chemical operations include:

  • Chlor-alkali production
  • Resins and synthetic rubbers

  • Specialty chemicals

  • Synthetic fibers and filaments

  • Coatings and adhesives

  • Refinery operations

By partnering with city and state officials from the Mobile Chamber of Commerce, the Washington County EDI and Alabama Department of Commerce, the MAST Initiative strives to further this growth, expand on the area’s existing strengths as a leading hub for the chemical industry and support the companies making a home in Alabama.


“We have a 40-year history in Alabama; it’s a very rich one. We have developed a long-standing relationship with Mobile over the years. It’s because of their commitment in supporting our company that we continue to stay and expand in the state.”

Bonnie Tulley, V.P. and Site Manager for Evonik


As the 10th largest port in the U. S., companies have immediate access to two interstate systems, five class 1 railroads and 15,000 miles of inland/intercoastal waterway connections.

Resources such as AIDT (Alabama’s primary workforce development agency) and increased collaboration between the state’s commercial and education communities allow businesses to receive individual attention and benefits, such as pre-employment selection and training, leadership development, on-the-job training, and assessments.

Alabama provides one-stop environmental permitting. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) completes permitting applications within a two-to-seven-month timeline, depending on the type of permit.

There’s a reason the #2 export in terms of value in Alabama is chemicals. The location of the MAST Chemical Corridor gives companies easy access to shipping their products overseas.

A comprehensive range of utility providers support development efforts, with strong infrastructure for electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services.

Mobile and its surrounding areas have plenty of room to grow. To be exact, we have 5 million square feet of warehouse and open yards at the Port of Mobile alone.

The local market boasts cost competitive advantages and the state offers resources, attractive incentives and closing funds to qualified prospects.

Alabama is host to many automotive suppliers and industries, like paper and biotech, who have synergies with chemical corporations in terms of finding ways to improve their production and processes. Potential partners include established names such as Mercedes, Airbus, Honda and HudsonAlpha.

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