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Why You Should Choose Alabama


We’re creating more high-tech, high-skilled jobs than ever before.


In this business-friendly state, incentives abound. We help you find them.


See how organizations are committed to uncovering new insights.

Transportation & Logistics

There’s worldwide connectivity in the heart of our nation’s fastest-growing region.

Business Climate

Discover the benefits of a business-friendly state.

International Business & Trade

No longer simply a national player, Alabama has taken the global stage.

Fast Track Permitting

Our partners work to expedite the permitting process and get you off the ground.

Quality of Life

The vision of a progressive city meets the comfort of a small-town community.

Tax Environment

Your company can benefit from Alabama’s favorable business tax environment.

Does over 100 years of experience matter?

Ask our friends.

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Lockheed Martin
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From the mountains to the coast, find the site that’s right for you.

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