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On July 1st, 1960, 4,670 employees opened up today what is NASA’s largest civilian rocketry and spacecraft propulsion research center in the U.S.

Marshall Space Flight Center is synonymous with all things space, exploration, research, and beyond. For over 50 years now, they have designed and built the engines, vehicles, space systems, instruments, and science payloads to pioneer the final and greatest frontier: space.

Currently being developed at Marshal Space Flight Center and headed for Kennedy Space Center in Florida upon completion, Space Launch System is a 322 ft. tall, 5.75 million lbs., 730,000 gallons of rocket fuel carrying advanced launch vehicle that will open up a new era in space exploration. In 2015, NASA completed the critical design review necessary for Space Launch System to move forward with production. Space Launch System will be capable of deepening human discovery and experience in space through new technology that will meet a variety of crew and cargo mission needs. With so many new features among the world’s most powerful rocket, Space Launch System will be NASA’s tool to get humans to Mars and more robots to places like Saturn and Jupiter.

Beyond Space Launch System, Marshal Space Flight Center owns a list of great accomplishments. The design and launch of Hubble Space Telescope in 1990, hundreds of advanced experiments in or associated with the International Space Station, and projects like the Constellation Program, a program focused on the development and propulsion of heavy-lift vehicles used to transport humans through space to the Moon, Mars, and other deep-space destinations, all convey Marshall Space Flight Center’s contribution to discovery and their presence within the giant leaps of mankind.

1,800 Acre



Employees Statewide

$2.2 Billion

Annual Budget

$3.8 Billion

State Economic Impact in 2017

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