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Industrial Site Development Program

Alabama Power Company’s Economic and Community Development Department Industrial Site Development Program (ISDP) is intended to provide developmental assistance to communities expecting significant growth in the next five years. With capital improvements, these communities have property that could be developed into industrial sites and parks.

The ISDP will help build capacity in these communities by providing predevelopment funds of up to $20,000 as an incentive to develop industrial properties. To qualify for this competitive grant, sites must meet eligibility criteria described below. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Benefits and Uses

ISDP funds may be used for a variety of site development activities, including:

  • Aerial photo site topographical and boundary map
  • Preliminary access roadway and lot layout
  • Preliminary water and sewer design and cost estimates
  • Preliminary soil borings with soils report
  • Phase 1 updated report
  • Wetlands delineation and mapping
  • Cultural resources review
  • Fish and wildlife endangered species review
  • Other infrastructure development costs

Eligibility/Site Requirements

Minimal Site Requirements:

  • Site located within Alabama Power Company’s service territory.
  • Site has at least 100 net usable acres less mitigation, site preparation, etc.
  • Property has favorable topography.
  • Located within 10 miles of interstate highway access (major state highway access for rural targets).
  • The applying public entity has long-term control and/or ownership of the property. Long-term control is defined as a minimum five-year option with first right-of-refusal.
  • An industrial park would be an appropriate use of property based on zoning or the surrounding area.

Infrastructure Accessibility:

  • In an area with Alabama Power Company excess current or planned capacity.
  • Water and sewer availability and excess capacity.
  • Access to each of the following is preferred: natural gas, rail and telecommunications.


  • The community is committed to the project and has the ability to sustain it.


To participate in the program, an ISDP application must be submitted by a local industrial development authority (IDA), industrial development board (IDB), economic development authority or other development authority representing a community. The application will be reviewed by an internal review committee of employees from the Economic and Community Development Department and the respective division area manager. Collectively, the committee will review the application and determine if the community is a suitable candidate. If selected, the community organization will be notified and asked to submit any additional documentation, including estimates for the proposed predevelopment activities from at least two engineering firms.

Upon receipt of the estimates, Alabama Power Company will provide a grant of 50 percent of the lowest cost estimate up to $20,000 for the proposed predevelopment work. Alabama Power will require copies of final work documents after all predevelopment work is completed.

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